Privacy Policy

InterSynergy respects your privacy.
Here you will find our statement concerning gathering, processing and using information about users.

What information is gathered and used by InterSynergy?

Users visiting our site remain anonymous until they decide otherwise. Information passed as a result of establishing an internet connection (e.g. IP adress) are used by InterSynergy to server maintenance purposes. Besides that IP adresses are used to gather general statistical demographic data (e.g. region).

Signing up for services offered by InterSynergy requires filling in a form where you have to give information neccessary to contact the user (e.g. e-mail adress) and demographic (e.g. age, gender). Information given in form are used by us to neccessary contact with our users and in order to improve and adjust content presented to them to their needs and interests.

How information is secured?

Form filled in by user while signing up and the whole authorization (logging) process itself are secured by SSL protocol which effectively improves data transmission security in the Internet. Information is stored and processed by InterSynergy with accurate precautions meeting Polish law requirements.

Are gather data shared with third-parties?

InterSynergy has or will have services allowing user-inserted content (e.g. opinions, question) become public. User can public their content on these services only after authorization and decide by themselve about the way it should be signed.

InterSynergy basing on gathered data makes statistical combination that is presented to third-parties. Such combination do not contain data enabling to identify a single user.

Right to insight, alter and remove user information

InterSynergy allow each user to alter and remove data gather about them. Please contact us at st. Limanowskiego 178/180/30, 91-027 Lodz, Poland for further information.

Right to choose

InterSynergy enables users to decide if and to what extent they want to use our services and give us information about themselves. Most of our services are accessible without necessity to provide personal information. Only some of our services require signing in. Signing in is a voluntary decision and user can resign at any time.

Our goal is to ensure maximum of security. The development of technology and development of InterSynergy’s offer result in possibility that Privacy Policy can change and we will inform about it here.


Descriptions are not exact definitions. They aim only to outline some terms used in this document.

  • cookie – a piece of information saved by server on user’s computer that can be read by server during re-visiting website,
  • system log – a piece of information that is send to the server by computer any time connection occurs; it may contain various data (e.g. IP adress) that enables to identification of connection source,
  • IP adress – an individual numer that every computer linked to the Internet usually has; IP adress can be fixed to a computer (static) or it can be assigned to computer by particular connection (dynamic),
  • SSL protocol – a special standard of data transmission over the Internet where transmission is encrypted in the contrary to an usual conncetion where transmission is not encrypted,
  • other technologies (e.g. local storage) – go to the Cookies Policy –