Quality policy

Tasks entrusted to us by our Customers are done by our employees and also by specialized suppliers. Our experts not only rely on their experience but also rise their qualifications, develop their skills and acquire new abilities. Thanks to that we are capable of working on an international level.

We realize our quality goals by:

  • hiring people with neccessary theoretical knowledge, high qualifications and practical experience,
  • constant development of our skills and competentions related with our commercial activity,
  • implementations of best practices and agile methodologies ,
  • punctual and professional service delivery,
  • establishing fair conditions, so as to propose best offers that will meet present and future expectations,
  • using only well-tested suppliers offering high quality products and services.

What rules do we comply with?

  • the highest quality of service,
  • innovation and efficiency,
  • vast experience gained while creating software,
  • compehension of Customers’ needs,
  • establishing partnership relations.

We oblige ourselves to:

  • permanent supervision of development process,
  • convince our employees of importance of meeting Customer’s expectations and create conditions elevating level of commitment amongst personel in order to reach the goals.

Our activity is an effect of many years of work, exchange of experience, deepening our knowledge and personal development.
We want to continue in this vein so as to become even better, more competitive company, established on firm values.

– Szymon Kapturkiewicz – CoFunder