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FRSE is the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, which since 1993 has been managing European programs, projects, and initiatives. It works towards the development of the Polish education system, acting as the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program, aiming to support students, teachers, and volunteers in conducting international projects to enhance competencies. Since 2014, 1.6 billion euros have been allocated for the financing of projects in Poland, and in the next seven years, 4 million people and 125 thousand institutions across Europe will benefit from FRSE's offer.

Each year, the Foundation engages in the creation of numerous educational events, attracting thousands of participants. The Education System Development Congress, European Youth Week, or EuroSkills 2023 are just some of the initiatives that the FRSE organizes for the development of the Polish education system.

The FRSE's Research and Publishing Office approached InterSynergy with a project to create a personalized intranet search engine and a photo library (multimedia repository). This project was aimed at streamlining the process of storing images and searching for them according to personalized categories and filters. The Foundation was struggling with the issue of a vast amount of photos going into processing, taken during countless events. The volume of photographs led to limited access to disk resources and the ability to view materials by the editorial teams. The Foundation for the Development of the Education System turned to InterSynergy to resolve the problem and facilitate the process of publication and editorial work with cataloging, titling, and searching for files.

Project Implementation

According to the assumptions and requirements set forth by the client for the project, we developed an appropriate architecture, including an implementation plan. This resulted in the creation of a substantial library of collected materials, housed within the infrastructure of the intranet. We thus enabled foundation employees to download files in the correct formats for use in various publications.

The solution we provided was a project carried out for the internal needs of the Research and Publishing Office, however, it is not excluded that this solution may eventually become publicly available for media use, at least it carries such possibilities.

The collected photos can be uploaded to the server via the FTP communication protocol; they are then regularly retrieved by a script enabling action queuing so they can be easily transported and loaded on the online service. We were expected to provide the ability for fast downloading and sharing photographs of different sizes, their editing, and content adaptation for publication on social media sites.

For this purpose, we used the PIMCORE platform based on the Symfony framework. PIMCORE, as a tool for managing digital resources, centralizes multimedia content allowing their integration, consolidation, and translation. The platform is ideal for content management processes as a DAM (Digital Asset Management).


PIMCORE is characterized by the high quality of centralized and consolidated resources. The repository of digital multimedia and metadata provides a solid structure for using its resources, optimizing data dissemination processes, and content searching. The advanced workflow engine and extensive functionality allow for full control in the process of meeting specific DAM requirements.

DAM System Features – Digital Asset Management:

  • File management

    Pimcore provides user-friendly digital asset management and a state-of-the-art interface – based on multi-tabbing and contextual navigation concepts.

  • Metadata management

    The Open Source DAM offers a flexible and configurable file management system along with a convenient tagging module.

  • Image and video conversion

    Flexible image and video transformation pipelines enable file conversion and alteration for any output channel.

  • Support for every type of file

    The system works with 200+ bitmap and vector formats. It operates with every type of file, enabling their collaboration and publication.

  • Workflow management

    A modern workflow engine allows the user to define business processes and design editorial workflows.

  • Delivery of digital assets

    Broad multi-channel publishing functions distribute appropriate digital media assets to various output channels. Pimcore's API delivers final assets to places such as CMS, PIM, digital commerce, etc.

  • Brand center and resource sharing

    Highly configurable multimedia resource libraries provide numerous functions such as search, filter, share, and analyze. Both internal and external teams gain a 360° view of multimedia resources.

  • Direct editing

    Direct Edit allows for opening and editing resources stored in Pimcore via desktop applications, where they are automatically synchronized and re-uploaded to the DAM.

  • In-house print publications

    Pimcore’s integrated publishing components provide users with the capability for fully automated processes when printing marketing and sales materials.

In the subsequent stages of cooperation with FRSE, we offered the client modifications to the search engine and categories, as well as file filtering through individual attributes and parameters of available metadata from the collected materials. This solution greatly facilitated usage and allowed for the streamlining of the entire process.

Additionally, for the editorial needs in content publication systems based on CMS WordPress, we developed a custom plugin for the client, enabling the display, search, and download of images.
Cechy Systemu DAM - Digital Asset Management

Tools and technologies

Final Product

We were able to refine the process of organizing photos and making them available for the internal needs of the foundation's employees. Updating the intranet search engine allowed for an easy-to-use and express method of filtering and searching for photos using keywords, file attachment dates, and other metadata, which resulted in improved quality and convenience of using digital content. For the Research and Publishing Office team of FRSE, this is a significant benefit which allowed for streamlining the collection of materials, and in turn, achieving time savings in their processing.

Client Opinion

InterSynergy conscientiously and punctually fulfilled their obligations. During the service execution, the employees demonstrated professionalism and high-quality work, which in result led to immense satisfaction with the service outcome and valuable cooperation.

Krzysztof Szwałek

Director of the Research and Publishing Office

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