How do we work?


Our solid solutions are based on two important factors: our technological know-how that has been gained by our team of experts and our bullet-proof work methodology. Deriving for our experience we create best practices and apply them to our work.

We are fond of innovation and we join our passion with our solid pragmatic attitude. Looking at and discovering new technologies we always think of ways they can be implemented in products meeting our Customers’ needs. However, we have never put technology before creation of products that will be loved by Customers. Accurate attitude is what matters to us. It is what can give our Customers advantage thanks to innovation.

Agile or sequentional. It’s your choice.

We have two basic work methdologies: agile and sequenional. Due to exceptionality of each project, attitude depends on context, complexity and your final decision.

We are proud to state that we are in favor of the agile methodology. Since the very begining we have used it and it enabled us to design and develop high-quality software much faster. This attitude makes it possible for us to become a strategic partner to our Customers. One that not only supply the with amazing solutions but also help to find new ways to make their business thrive and prosper.

Basic methodologies



SCRUM is method of developing software in iterations with agile attitude. It allows us to verify assumptions and correct them if neccessary while the process of development. Thanks to this Customers have a constant and easy overview of progress in realisation. In only a few weeks they have first, stable version of their product.

Using this methodology works best in projects:

  • Where time and cost are important factors.
  • Having clear assumptions that may be altered during development process.
  • Where Customer wants to co-work or co-operate with our team on the production level.
  • Where 5-7 people are the project team members.
  • Where development process is at least 8 weeks


Lean is more a tactic than a methodology. It is an adaptaion of agile methods based on fast delivery of the value (MVP). Permanent improving of the product on the basis of market analysis. Lean is a prompt feedback received form tests veryfing assumptions. Thanks to Lean it is possible to act fact in response to market and Customers’ needs. Lean projects have no fixed lifetime and fixed team members number. Lean methods work best in projects:

  • Where short time of development and return of investment are required.
  • Where Customer can define MVP (Minimal Valuable Product) with minimal functionalities listed.
  • Where there is none innvation context and bacis assumptions need to be verified.


It is a classic sequential method based on a cascade model. It is composed of five to eight cycles. This method has been conceived by InterSynergy for projects:

  • That has fixed deadline and range of functioanlities.
  • That are small and simple, and have no risk or techological obstacles.
  • That require analysis and design based od thorough specyfication.



In order to maintain the highest quality of code, on each step of development we constantly run test using continuous integration platforms.Every time programmer sends code to source code repository GIT, tests are run automatically. This idea is mainly used to make sure code maintains its quality and works fine, and it can be easily integrated with project. Such attitude enables us to speed up implementation process and lower the cost



Professional programmers love to test nearly everything. Sure, coding without testing is simpler but we think it is utterly wrong. We, as InterSynergy, aim to test each and every single aspect and functionality of a project. We start from unit tests and go further to behavioral and integration tests.

We strongly believe that only automatic testing is reasonable. Designing tests before coding anything is a great solution to ensure that software will work properly. It is particularly important aspect, if we want to confirm that application acts accordingly to requirements and specyfication.

Deliver early, deliver frequently!

To be agile, to be lean – means that we do not know everything about our Customers, business model from the very begining but what we do know exactly how to enhance our solutions and attitude. Project could be desined by amazing designers and architects but we still have to verify each step and make sure that all the assumptions are valid – it is essential to run tests over and over again. We love to analyse everything and improve it if neccessary.

As time passes by and our experience grow, we are become more favor of short iterations and delivery of minimal valuable product (MVP). We try to suggest our customers use feedback loop in order to be able to constantly improve their actions. We know it very well that it is the only possibility to gain advantage over rivals.