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Functional and user-friendly Internet service requires a good hosting - a reliable and secure server space. We have the most modern servers available on the market for our Clients.

Website visitors aren't interested only in the beauty of the page. Sometimes, faster data download speed and trouble-free performance are more desirable. A quick server is not only a convenience for the receiver. Faster loading of the page by search engines leads to a higher position of the page in the results, which translates into an increase in viewership and sales. At InterSynergy, we will select a hosting service package that meets the needs of both individual customers and companies.

We provide domain hosting services, databases, email accounts, and FTP. Servers are more than just storage – we offer advanced web hosting solutions with a focus on security, as well as powerful computing capabilities, database access times, and script execution times. Furthermore, we provide professional support for configuration and management of the entire hosting platform, monitoring our Clients' online worlds 24/7.

Years of experience gained through project implementation, agile management and creativity help our Clients achieve their business goals.

Szymon Kapturkiewicz
Szymon Kapturkiewicz

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