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Creating an entity's web application is a way of introducing innovative ideas, the possibility of becoming independent from a specific platform and a solution available to the widest range of recipients. Web applications may refer to dedicated platforms, ERP/CRM/CMS applications or real-time applications. When designing a new web application, we can take care of mobile users using Responsive Web Design or Progressive Web App techniques, apart from implementing the desired process it will support.

InterSynergy solutions provide a simple way to increase Your product and service accessibility, expand market reach, and improve customer service. An effective and user-friendly web application that is created through a complex process is what our experienced team of analysts, architects, designers, and developers can deliver with the entire project.

Creating Web Applications in a few steps

The first and most important step in creating web applications, forming the foundation for future success, is a well-conducted analysis. This allows us to consider all the key business aspects of the web application (business expectations, end-user needs, technological requirements and market entry strategy). Then we move on to planning and designing the application, making the vision a reality. We ensure data security, optimization and integration, allowing us to proceed to the next step in developing web applications.

Testing applications provides an effective quality assurance (QA) control prior to its deployment. What every Client can count on is support at all stages of cooperation, even when the developed web application is already launched on the market. Therefore, we provide continuous technical assistance, carry out software updates to improve system processes, and add new features if necessary. We are sure that a well-developed project that succeeds will require continuous improvement.

Experienced Software House

With years of experience and work on many complex projects, InterSynergy can confidently be seen as the right partner for collaboration. We strive to create better solutions with each web application, and help our Clients achieve success. We design, code, test and refine, while our Clients keep a close eye on the progress. We understand that through this communication, web applications are developed that genuinely support the business processes of Your company.

Years of experience gained through project implementation, agile management and creativity help our Clients achieve their business goals.

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Szymon Kapturkiewicz

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