A popular comparison engine of OC/AC, health and property insurance.

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About the project

Client approached us with the need for significant optimization of the website for SEO purposes and improved performance. We have adopted a cooperation model based on remote outsourcing of our specialists for the realization of a range of tasks and campaigns spread over many months.

Our first success was increasing organic traffic from 500K unique users to over 700K in just 3 months. The cooperation with the Client was continued in coding Landing Pages dedicated to special campaigns, preparing forms and communication contracts generators. Additionally, we took care of programming support for advertising campaigns with comparative A/B banner tests.

mfind company website
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mfind company website

Tools and technologies

Feedback from Client

InterSynergy's expertise in performance optimization yielded significant results in terms of organic traffic influx. Their techniques went beyond accepted standards and the improvement was evident almost immediately. The effects were clearly visible and didn't take long to be felt.

Przemysław Pepla

Punkta.pl - previously Mfind