A multi-functional e-learning and loyalty portal for pharmacists

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About the project

Aflofarm is one of the largest Polish pharmaceutical companies and a leader in the Polish market for non-prescription products. Aflofarm is a manufacturer of such drugs as Desmoxan, Neosine, Procto-Hemolan and Opokan, among others.

The Aflofarm concern entrusted InterSynergy with the mission to design and build an e-learning and at the same time loyalty service for pharmacy employees, one of its most important customer groups.
The postroniefarmaceuty.pl website was also to become the first training portal combined with a loyalty program available in pharmacies and integrated with Kamsoft's pharmacy software. The website was to be at the same time an advanced CRM, where pharmacists could develop their competencies, enrich their product knowledge, contact the corporation's field representatives and order rewards obtained in exchange for participation in training courses.

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Task in the project

Analysis of the project, selection of tools and technologies

Tasked with developing postroniefarmaceuty.pl, the Client emphasised that it would be the first portal of its kind integrated with the nationwide OSOZ pharmaceutical system of Kamsoft, which houses a database of rewards offered to pharmacists in the Client's loyalty program, as well as existing accounts of tens of thousands of pharmacies. This required a thorough analysis and selection of the most optimal programming technology. We chose PHP 7.4 and Symfony 5, which, in combination with the Rest API and the SOAP API, gave the desired effect of a seamless collaboration with the complex external system.

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Graphic design

The Client's additional goal was to set the service apart from the many industry-specific services providing medical training. The best way to do this proved to be a dedicated UX/UI design for the service, which we created from scratch.

Design project for postroniefarmaceuty.pl

Responsive Web Design

We were aware of the fact that most of the existing training websites in the medical industry are based on non-mobile desktop applications. We knew, therefore, the advantage that a modern, responsive web design (RWD) could bring, allowing pharmacists to access all functionalities on tablets and smartphones.

postroniefarmaceuty.pl Responsive Web Design

Development of an optimal and consistent front layer

This service featured many advanced modules, such as video training films, quizzes, a visually-rich rewards presentation and a geographically-assigned database of the company's sales representatives. Vue.js and jQuery frameworks fully met these requirements.

postroniefarmaceuty.pl is available on mobile devices.

Advanced admin panel

We knew that the client intended to intensively promote their products through introducing new trainings and incentivising pharmacy workers to participate in loyalty program through attractive rewards. These needs were fully addressed by the possibilities offered by the admin panel. Creating trainings, adding rewards, managing their orders, editing customer accounts, and presenting the new products from Aflofarm became easier than ever.

postroniefarmaceuty.pl is accessible on various devices.

Editing panel for training variety

Our custom-built training editor panel enables Client's employees to create intuitive video or media presentation-based training, which is enriched with a quiz element during the session. This allows users to continuously monitor the level of knowledge acquisition from the training. After completing the video or presentation, the user takes an additional quiz, the results of which determine if the training is completed, and points are awarded, depending on the number of correct answers. Aflofarm employees offer three types of training - educational, product-related, and continuous. Each of these types provides users with different benefits - from gaining product knowledge and ordering rewards, to developing a career path through certified training at the Medical University of Lodz.

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Tools and technologies

The outcomes of the project implementation

In a short amount of time, the postroniefarmaceuty.pl service has registered thousands of pharmacy employees, with monthly visit stats reaching the tens of thousands - which is an excellent result for a platform aimed at a closed professional group.

Our Client's practice resulted in a significant increase in interest in their products and brand exposure among an essential part of their target group, which was critical for their business metrics. With an attractive visual form and intuitive interface, pharmacists were able to expand their knowledge of the corporation's products and, importantly, increase their qualifications in general medical knowledge in a constant interaction with the Aflofarm brand. The Client was also able to use the service as a marketing tool, allowing for the subscription of notifications of new trainings and products.

Feedback from Client

The flexibility and agility of the InterSynergy team made it possible to enrich the original concept of the website with many UX and functional features at all stages of this long-term project.

Maciej Bartosik

Product Manager
Aflofarm Farmacja Sp. z o.o.

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