Preparing the layout and frontend of the main corporate website

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About the project

Aflofarm is one of Poland's largest pharmaceutical companies, and has been operating dynamically in the healthcare sector for more than thirty years. At the same time, it is a leader on the pharmaceutical market in the OTC segment with brands such as Desmoxan, Neosine and Dafurag. The hallmark of Aflofarm is always to stand "On the Side of Health", which is accomplished through numerous research projects and, above all, by ensuring the highest quality products. It can also be firmly stated that the organization has been the undisputed largest advertiser in the country for many years now.

We are delighted that we have the opportunity to work with Aflofarm Farmacja Polska on a long-term basis. Thanks to this, we were able to implement the layout and frontend for their main corporate website.

Cooperation with the IT Department on the Client's side enabled us to implement the code we developed as part of a custom CMS structure. Thanks to this, the Client obtained a full-service website presenting the scope of operations, a description of the history of the company's formation and development, its CSR activities, as well as a catalog of information on all the products provided by the manufacturer. This solution is primarily responsive, fast and coded in a way that contributes to achieving the highest level of performance.

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Aflofarm company website
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