International startup hailing from Poland that has stormed the world's leading IoT (Internet of Things) industry. company website on tablet

About the project is one of the most recognizable startups in the world hailing from Poland. It is both a manufacturer of beacons, i.e. mini beacons based on Bluetooth technology, as well as a provider of software to support the use of these devices for business purposes in commerce, industry, healthcare and office spaces. products are used by the world's biggest brands such as McDonald's, Carrefour and Nike in more than 100 countries around the world. They enable remote and AI-based management of other devices in industry, healthcare and office spaces.

For our Client we designed and implemented a new corporate website dedicated to their offer, technology and new products. We also supported the expansion of an online store based on one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, which is integrated with the ERP system and constitutes an effective distribution tool for Beacons and related products. infographic

Task in the Project

Support and expansion of the Customer's store

We began our partnership by handling Following the launch of new products, the startup requested us to implement new product pages, some of them based on custom-made templates. We also carried out modifications to plugins and integrations to support the platform, prompted by the need to extend the offer of and to attend to new business requirements, such as updating VAT rates, integrating an internal customer order management system, and rebranding the platform according to the updated visual identity. We additionally enriched the model and mechanism of recurrent payments.

As a result of this collaboration, came to us with the mission to design and deploy a new corporate website.

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Graphic project for the new service

The Client experienced the need to adjust their company website to their new, expanded offering. In addition, they sought a fresher, more minimalist visual identity in line with current trends, as well as simplifying the structure of the website. The use of an older version of the page builder, limiting the options for editing and the visual layer of the pages, was also of significance. We received the assignment to develop a completely new graphic design and to implement the website based on WordPress and a new, more flexible page builder. For this purpose, we chose the Oxygen tool. graphic design

Responsive Web Design

The new project, preceded by a thorough UI/UX analysis, assumed, in addition to practically unlimited editing capabilities, a carefully and impressively prepared Responsive Web Design layer. We realized that for a Client in such a cutting-edge area of the technology industry, an even larger than usual audience of the site uses only mobile devices for communication and purchases. company website on mobile devices

A dedicated Content Management System

For content and visual layer management of the website, we used (in addition to the popular WordPress editors Gutenberg and Advanced Custom Fields PRO) the highly flexible and universal page builder Oxygene. This enables practically limitless possibilities for building the website's visual layer, also for people without technical knowledge in the field of programming.

company page


A start-up such as, which is developing so dynamically on global markets, must have a perfectly positioned and optimized website. In addition to installing useful SEO and optimization plugins (like WP Rocket, Rank Math SEO, or Imagify) we also implemented a range of activities in support of website speed and reach. We imported SEO content for existing pages and posts in the older version and created a proper structure for head sections. We also applied SEO breadcrumbs, content positioning, and mechanisms based on Structured Data using JSON-LD - solutions which are highly rated by Google search engines. company website on tablets

Shared navigational interface for store and service

Since the store and the corporate service are separate instances based on different platforms, there was a need to combine them for users within a single navigation interface. The Service's Top Menu and Footer have identical content, and they are updated in parallel using specially generated scripts in such a way that the end user is unaware of the transition between platforms. company website on tablet

Tools and technologies

The outcomes of the project implementation

Both the modernization and expansion of the store, as well as the creation of the new corporate website, in a short time contributed primarily to the popularization of the Client's extended product offer. Thanks to the introduced changes, the Client's offer has become much clearer, and much more effective leading to the implementation of the ordering procedure, thus contributing to an increase in ROI.

Optimization and SEO improved the startup's presence in search engines compared to other competing entities in the IoT industry. And the new UX/UI design of the website, minimalistic yet friendly and visually appealing, strengthened the positive perception of the Client's brand on the new technology markets.

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