A portal offering unique solutions combining fast payments with cashback.

About the Project

Cashbene is a new fintech startup originating from Poland, belonging to Pacific.org Sp. z o.o. The brand offers a unique solution combining fast payments with cashback, caring for customer safety during transactions. It collaborates with the online payment operator PayU, ensuring secure online shopping.

Cashbene entrusted InterSynergy with the project of creating plugins for e-commerce platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce, ready for independent implementation in online stores joining the Cashbene program. This allows for the execution of fast online payments.

An innovative solution offered by the company is saving during online shopping thanks to cashback. The tool allows users to receive cash refunds for online purchases, rewarding them with promotions and benefits each time. The solution allows logging in with one account on multiple sites, guaranteeing the full security of each transaction.

This tool can be a deciding factor for customers when choosing where to make a purchase. Cashback encourages them to make purchases in specific online stores, hence partners cooperating with the cashback offering company can benefit from building their brand and increasing the chances of recurring purchases. It is a win-win situation, as both parties, the customer and the partner, benefit from the cashback program and the possibility of a safe, long-term relationship.

Project Stages

Plugin coding

The first stage of the project was dedicated to coding the visual layer of the plugin based on modal windows using HTML, CSS, JavaScript technologies and creating the CORE of the application in PHP, adapted to all platforms, serving as the basis for information exchange between stores and the API interface provided by our client.

Continuous contact and product enhancement

Expectations for the project were regularly subject to modifications, resulting in ongoing progression of processes and implementation of new ideas aimed at improving the plugin's operation. The main intention and expectation were to prepare the MVP for designated plugins and test them under production conditions. After implementing these solutions in several Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop shops and positively verifying business assumptions, the implementation of proper functionalities commenced.

Working in SCRUM

The project was conducted using SCRUM methodology under the client's team supervision. The cooperation was discussed in batches by setting objectives for each of the project sprints, with the involvement of Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery processes. Software implementation approaches aimed to increase efficiency, shorten the delivery time of new features and fixes, and ensure higher software quality by automating the deployment process.

Continuous Deployment and Delivery

These rely on fast feedback cycles and an iterative approach, allowing the Client to be engaged from the very beginning of the software delivery process and have an impact on assessing new features before implementing them in the production environment. Delivering regular updates, valuable feedback, and the possibility of testing contributes to delivering software by the development team that is tailored to the client's needs and meets all their expectations.

Plugin management

During the service execution, a module for managing the plugin and parameters by vendors was created. Simultaneously, changes in the sales process resulted in the appearance of information on the website, enabling customers to use cashback during purchases in online stores without the need to register. The initial assumption of being able to purchase only single products seemed impractical and inconvenient from the user's perspective. To streamline this process, a modification was introduced, enabling ordering of an entire shopping cart and various products in larger quantities.

Process automation

The last stages of application implementation were its automated testing, deployment to the e-commerce platform marketplace, and ensuring a proper process of delivering plugin updates to online stores.

Tools and technologies

Final Product

The final product of the implementation was a functioning and user-friendly application. The streamlined processes and features implemented by InterSynergy team met client's satisfaction, and the quick possibility of making a purchase contributed to a 30% progress in finalizing transactions in online stores.

Thanks to the simplified purchasing process and the innovative cashback program, shopping cart values increased by 20%. The plugins are easy to install and use, and their reach offers a wide range of online stores for the user. Agile usage and increased shopping comfort positively affected customers' motivation and their loyalty to the company. Cashback plugins are an excellent marketing tool that can significantly contribute to the success of an online store and increased competitiveness in the market. Plugins can act as an incentive to shop at a specific store and effective promotion, attracting the attention of new users.

Client Opinion

InterSynergy puts the client first and shows vast commitment to testing and the quality of the services performed.

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