A microsite cluster with an extended sales module.

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About the project

Dawid Woźniakowski is a certified dietitian, personal trainer and instructor with years of experience, whose mission is to help people achieve their desired physique and improve the quality of life.

The Client's goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing website with an easy-to-manage administrative panel, enabling intuitive and easy editing of the content and website structures. The site was to provide easy access to the Client's extensive catalogue of services. Another important aspect was to optimize the website for mobile device display, since the largest group of recipients are people using portable devices.

The service was also to be equipped with an e-commerce module enabling the sale of products and services offered by the Client.

Optimized for SEO and speed of operation, the service was intended to stand out amongst similar ones.

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Task in the project

Analysis of the project, selection of tools and technologies

Verifying and analyzing the amount of content that should be included in the website as well as its division into different categories and topics, we proposed the creation of a micro-site philosophy service where, apart from the main page, every other subpage gives the impression of a new page dedicated to a specific topic. We ensured that each subpage, despite having unique content, graphical design and layout, together with other pages creates a coherent whole.

By providing an easy and intuitive way to manage content, we implemented WordPress CMS combined with the WooCommerce module, giving nearly limitless editing and development options for the website, as well as the ability to sell products and services online.

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Design project

The Client wanted a service that was clear and aesthetically pleasing for the recipient, with a modern and unique look. Therefore, the graphic design was created from start to finish based on the individual requirements and needs of our Client.

We created a unique and custom layout, along with a set of dedicated icons and graphics, combined with appropriate fonts and colour choice, which fully satisfied the Client's expectations.


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David Wozniak's website

Responsive Web Design

The website has been optimized to be displayed on devices with different browser window widths. We have strived to maintain the aesthetic and uniqueness of the website's visual layer while creating a simple and intuitive navigation path on desktop resolutions.

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A dedicated Content Management System (CMS)

We employed the most popular and widely used CMS WordPress + WooCommerce to manage content. This gave our client unlimited editing capabilities, enabling them to edit texts, graphics, manage website structure, and create new pages. This system, with its numerous modules, also allows for SEO optimization, increased page loading speed, and is open to new and additional functionalities.

Additionally, we have prepared a range of custom modules for even easier or dedicated editing of content.

David Wozniak's website on tablets

Optimization and functional testing

All our works undergo a series of functional tests before they are published. This case was no different. Before it was made public, the service was thoroughly verified, tested on various devices, browser resolutions and all the functionalities used in the service were verified. Thanks to such tests, we were able to make additional optimizations that significantly increased the value and position of the service.

David Wozniak's website on mobile devices

Tools and technologies

David Wozniak's website

Effect of work

The result of the work was an extensive and modern website enabling online cooperation as well as closer familiarization with the subject of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The service meets the current standards and is equipped with an administrative panel allowing its modifications and improvements to be implemented without any programming intervention.

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