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About the project

Petecki is a Polish manufacturer of pvc and aluminimum window and door joinery with an international reach. It offers premium energy-saving and burglar-proof products. Petecki also offers sectional gates, roller shutters, facades and automation.

Petecki's goal was to create a website that would meet the expectations of the end customer aesthetically and visually, while at the same time presenting a broad product catalog complemented by professional expertise. The site was to have dedicated zones available to registered groups of customers such as architects or dealers. The main idea was to build a site that would be entirely editable by the administrator from the CMS panel.

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Task in the project

Analysis of the project, selection of tools and technologies

Beginning a collaboration with Petecki, we verified the current competition on the Polish and European markets by analyzing the way of communication and product presentation. On this basis, we indicated solutions that could give the Customer an advantage over the competition. One of these solutions was the creation of a 3D project zone. The recipient had the possibility to get to know the products of the customer in a very precise way, based on professional renders presenting the product. The service was built entirely using the WordPress CMS.

Petecki company website on phones

Coding the front layer of the service

The Client provided us with a graphic design for this project which we used to code the front-end layer, creating a responsive version of the website.

graphics of the fonts used in the project

Building tools enabling advanced and comprehensive editing of the content and structure of the website

For the website, we employed a range of tools to allow for a wide range of content editing. These tools were modified to meet the Client's needs or created from scratch. The administrator has a wide range of editing options, among others in such areas as:

  • main menu
  • hero section
  • time line
  • store locator
  • website content structure

The website was also equipped with tools that enable the creation of dedicated Landing Pages. These pages are mainly used to promote new products. The customer has the ability to create marketing campaigns based on such a landing page.

Petecki's website on the monitor

Responsive Web Design

The service was created using Responsive Web Design, allowing the layout to automatically adapt to the window sizes of smartphones and tablets. This was one of the most important elements, because a large group of website users were people using mobile devices.

Petecki company website on phones

Optimization and functional testing

To achieve the quality of Petecki Group products on the website, a large number of high-resolution images were used. Furthermore, a range of editing tools were employed. This required a number of optimization actions, making the service more friendly to Google bots while gaining a higher ranking in search engine results.

Petecki's website on various devices

The Client was also given the possibility to optimise their website for SEO independently, allowing them to carry out such work without the need to collaborate with an external company. To ensure our delivery met the Client's high standards before the website was published, we performed a series of functional and performance tests.

Petecki's locations

Tools and technologies

Petecki's website on the monitor

Effect of work

The outcome of our work was an expanded web service presenting a rich catalog of the Petecki Group's products. This way the Petecki firm gained an online identity, and its customers can easily access its offer. The advanced editing panel allows for almost complete reconstruction of the website without the need for programming intervention.

The service received an extremely positive response from recipients, not only from the construction industry. Within the first three months from the launch, the number of website users increased fourfold, which translates directly into sales conversion. The website also turned out to be an excellent tool for creating B2B partnerships.

Feedback from the Client

InterSynergy team demonstrated a high level of professionalism as well as very reliable support. In our opinion, expertise and friendliness are the foundation of InterSynergy's services, making them one of the most competitive companies on the Polish market.

We are completely satisfied with the results of the cooperation. Therefore, I recommend and encourage cooperation with software house InterSynergy.

Grzegorz Sałek

General Director

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