Construction of a B2B sales platform for payment terminals and services.

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About the project

PayTel S.A. has been approved by the Polish Financial Supervisory Commission to provide services to Krajowa Instytucja Płatnicza (KIP). It is a leading Polish company in the provision of value-added services, including payment card processing, electronic top-ups and payments for mass billers.

The goal of PayTel was to create a platform for collecting and processing electronic applications for payment terminals. Thus, we created a sales-information platform offering services and payment terminals, giving customers the choice to either work commercially or take advantage of the Cashless Transaction Support Program.

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Task in the project

Analysis of competitors, selection of tools, technologies, and development of project documentation.

In the initial stage of work, we analyzed the actions of the competition on the Payment Institutions market, thanks to which we were able to develop an original solution that gives the Customer the opportunity to configure the offer according to their preferences. Currently, it is the only such solution available on the market. On this basis, we have chosen the technologies necessary for the project implementation and created the project documentation.

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Site sitemap with flowmap information flow description

The next step in the project implementation process was to create a website map illustrating the platform structure and a flowmap with a description of the flow. In this case, we had to develop a series of combinations used in the configuration of the offer and to maintain this data in the various stages of the ordering process.

Designing interactive prototypes for UX/UI

The most demanding stage in the project design process is properly carried out, making the interface as user-friendly and convenient as possible, while maintaining a positive overall user-computer interaction experience.

payTel company website

Preparing graphic designs

The Client's main expectation was to brighten the colour and visual design to give a sense of lightness, simplicity and minimalism, but at the same time in line with the visual identification of the Brand. The graphic design was enriched with a set of original icons dedicated to the website's content.


In this service, we have utilized the modern and elegant Panton font family. This font is characterized by excellent readability both in web design and printing. Panton has its own unique style. The Pantone font family is the most suitable for headers of all sizes, as well as text blocks, which appear in both maximum and minimum variations.

Typography payTel

Responsive Web Design

Over 45% of visits to PayTel's websites come from mobile devices. Therefore, it was extremely important to design the service in such a way that using it on mobile devices was as pleasant and easy as using the desktop version of the website.

PayTel's website on various devices

Content Management System

The service has been expanded with a dedicated content management panel. This provides the administrator with the ability to manage the offer parameters, product catalogue, as well as the blog section of the service.

PayTel company website


For the service, we have developed a range of articles covering the use of terminals in different business sectors. The articles aim to give customers an insight into the benefits of cashless payments as well as helping them to choose the right terminal and configure the right offer.
Attractive and original content has a significant impact on the process of natural search engine optimization, as well as providing an important knowledge base for the user.

PayTel company website

Test functional

We conducted a series of tests prior to publication, aiming to assess the usability and intuitiveness of the service, as well as load and security tests.

Tools and technologies

Effect of work

The effect of the work was the creation of an innovative product on the payment services market, giving the opportunity to purchase or lease terminals along with the signing of the Agreement for the provision of payment services in a fully automated process performed online.
Enabling the full purchasing process to be carried out in the on-line channel gave the Customer an advantage on the market while reducing the costs directly related to sales service. A significant element was also the increased ability to reach final Customers with minimal financial resources.

Feedback from Client

We were impressed by their professionalism and willingness to help at every stage of the project. Their creativity and innovation also brought a range of solutions applied and implemented in the project. Their PM provided constant support and assistance to the programming team, ensuring a smooth process of implementation. He also gave us partial feedback during the project development.

Product Team Manager, Tele-Information Company

Michał Krasiński

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