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Optimizing for Search Engines

Long loading time on your domain results in low traffic, and makes Your website less accessible in Google search results. InterSynergy specializes in speeding up webpages in every available and feasible way. Starting from optimizing the poorly written source code that can extend the loading time of the site, putting strain on the devices including web browsers, to reducing the sizes of images and their conversion so they load as quickly as possible.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing an online website to increase its visibility (ranking) in search engines is known as SEO. This is a wide concept that includes a range of activities aimed at preparing a website in a way that it can achieve the best search engine results. These SEO activities can be seen as a kind of process that involves creating, shaping and promoting the content of the website in order to increase the likelihood of a potential user visiting the website. As a result of these activities, the user's visit to a particular page should produce the desired effect, leading to the achievement of a planned conversion.

Additional support

InterSynergy advises and implements suitable monitoring tools that promptly inform the client and our team about service unavailability. This allows us to take swift actions to analyze the problem and find a solution more efficiently. In summary, we operate to ensure that everything entrusted to us functions seamlessly, much like a Swiss watch.

Years of experience gained through project implementation, agile management and creativity help our Clients achieve their business goals.

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Szymon Kapturkiewicz

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