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Marketing, including online, is not just a simple promotion of services or products. It is a process, a strategy, with the goal of achieving long-term positive results. Skillful building of communication channels, optimization towards increasing conversions are issues that, in addition to advertising budgets, must be taken into account and skillfully implemented. The internet is a powerful tool, and our specialists are well aware of how to use it.

We offer a variety of actions in a comprehensive approach as well as in a form chosen by the Client. From improving strategies to online marketing activities. We can accompany a product or service from their entry into the market, through promotion during sales. There are many types of e-marketing: SEO activities, Google AdWords (SEM), Marketing Automation, Remarketing, Video marketing, Content marketing. We can effectively direct activities to bring real results.

We specialize in the execution of mobile and social-based marketing campaigns. We provide technological support for the implementation of contests, games, and applications.

With the power of online marketing, one can reach any market with multiplied force. This is evidenced by the successes we have achieved with our Clients. Companies starting their journey with online advertising need to know that this race has been going on for a long time. We help to bridge the gap quickly. With InterSynergy, this is possible.

Years of experience gained through project implementation, agile management and creativity help our Clients achieve their business goals.

Szymon Kapturkiewicz
Szymon Kapturkiewicz

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