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Outsourcing of IT Programmers/Software Testers

At a time when hiring and keeping highly qualified employees is becoming a real challenge for many agencies, our team will provide the necessary boost of competence at any time You need it.

How do we cooperate and what are the possibilities?

InterSynergy's programmers and testers are experienced in a wide range of tech competencies, specialising in many sought-after areas. They are ready to work remotely or on site, individually or as a team. We offer outsourcing, body leasing, and team leasing. In today's world, effective work culture in distributed teams is essential, and our experts are highly proficient in this area.

We both rent out our specialists' time for already-started and new projects, with external supervision and management, and provide consultants, managers, or qualified personnel such as a Scrum Master/Product Owner. Within IT outsourcing, we adjust our employees' competencies to the project's needs.

Outsourcing of developers / testers

Additional software developer can be beneficial to an internal team when a need to temporarily increase resources arises. In such cases, outsourcing software often allows to complete projects that would otherwise seem impossible if the company decided to rely solely on their own human resources.

In regards to outsourcing programmers, it is essential to evaluate the various offers to make the right choice. To ensure quality software outsourcing, it is wise to go with an experienced company such as InterSynergy.

Years of experience gained through project implementation, agile management and creativity help our Clients achieve their business goals.

Szymon Kapturkiewicz
Szymon Kapturkiewicz

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Fill out the form and you'll receive a proposal tailored to your needs. The more information you provide us about your assumptions, goals, and vision of what you want to achieve, the more optimal the solution will be at the implementation stage. Who are your customers? What does your offer look like? This knowledge is invaluable to us. Share it, and it will help us understand you, your customers, and your business better!